Using modern equipment

To tell the truth the sixth week was interesting. We ask me why? Because we used modern equipment in FLTL this week. It is a video. We were told that use of technologies very important at the lessons. Also using different videos it is very useful. Sometimes viewing of video is very effective than all the other. Generally children love watching different videos, especially fun videos. And if teacher must make a lesson is more interesting, that why not?

At the seminar our girls prepared a video fragment, also made different activities and handouts. Their lesson lasted for 15 minutes. It was a mini lesson. It was very interesting, fun and excellent!

The first video was about New York performed by Frank Sinatra. It is a famous song. I think this song transmits the atmosphere of New York. When I listen to this song, it seems to me that I am there.

The second video was Selena Gomez, video on the song A Year Without Rain. It is an excellent song too. I love Selena Gomez’s songs. Then we did differentactivities and handouts.


I hope that in my future practice I will use video materials. Surely it is fun. There is no doubt about it!

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