Communicative Competence

The fifth week was unusual. Our theme was called Communicative Competence.At the lecture we discussed communicative competence of the teacher. Actually communication is also very important between teacher and student.At the seminar we played an interesting game. It was a family game. We took a card and had to find the members of our group. Then we discussed our family problem. At the end we had to find the solution. And then report about the decision which we made to the rest of the class. For the first time I played in a similar game. I liked it very much. Such game means communication between students. I think a role-playing game helps to improve speech. Surely teacher must develop student’s speaking skills. And such games help us with it. I think we must develop our speech constantly. It is necessary to develop own English to reach high knowledge. To tell the truth it is an everyday work.Therefore it is always necessary to try.

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