The analysis of the done work

This week we made a lot of work. At the seminar we must prepared dictations. And three girls prepared different dictations. It was interesting. Also using dictations are important at the lessons.  

Also we made mind map. It was so unusual work. To tell the truth we have never used such program. It is an excellent experience for us.

In addition to that I made my test based on my glossary. My theme is Foreign Language Teaching Technology. But to tell the truth I did not specify my theme in the test. Only when I read a comment to my test, I understood it. I consider that it is a mistake. Because when my group mates answered questions, they did not know a theme of the test. And I am not sure about references, because   I have more references than others.  Generally my test was pleasant to all. In addition to that guys left good comments. But I understand that always it is possible to make better. For the next time when I make a test, I will consider all my mistakes.

This week was very saturated. I analyzed my work and I understood that it is a good experience on the future. 



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