Pronunciation as a stage of studying of language


This week was difficult. As for me I am tired. Methodology is interesting lesson, but sometimes unclear. I suppose this week we had one of the most difficult themes. Our theme was teaching pronunciation.  To tell the truth I do not know how to teach pronunciation. In addition to that I am not sure about my pronunciation, because I am not a native speaker. I know that I have to work over my pronunciation. Also I know that my pronunciation not ideal. Nevertheless I try to improve it. For me was very difficult to make a lesson plan on this topic. It was so hard. Actually I understand that to improve pronunciation we must hear a native speaker. Surely hear different audio records. And of course watch movies in English. It is very important for learning. In the future I want to be confident in own pronunciation. I trust that everything will be all right!!!

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Development of abilities

If we value independence, if we are disturbed by the growing conformity of knowledge, of values, of attitudes, which our present system includes, then we may wish to set up conditions of learning which make for uniqueness, for self-direction, and for self-initiated learning.

Carl Rogers


This week we wrote our second plan. And I understood that we must work hard. To tell the truth our learning has begun just now. It is very difficult to understand all aspects of such work. And lesson plans are only beginning. I want to learn everything. But I am not sure of the forces. Nevertheless I try to do everything that is necessary. I hope that I will succeed. It is only necessary to try!

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Lesson plan

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

 Chinese Proverb

On the eighth week we wrote our first lesson plan. To tell the truth it was so difficult. In addition to that we have never written such plans. So we had some problems with understanding, how to make it. Our lesson plan was connected with teaching grammar. And we did it. Surely we had mistakes.  Obviously, as without them.  As for me I could not set aim and objects. I do not understand why! But meanwhile I have not enough practice. And it is normal. Nevertheless I will try to do my future plans much better.

Just now I understand how difficult to be a teacher.

«I hear—I forget, I see—I learn, I do—I understand.» ~ Gennady V. Oster

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The analysis of the done work

This week we made a lot of work. At the seminar we must prepared dictations. And three girls prepared different dictations. It was interesting. Also using dictations are important at the lessons.  

Also we made mind map. It was so unusual work. To tell the truth we have never used such program. It is an excellent experience for us.

In addition to that I made my test based on my glossary. My theme is Foreign Language Teaching Technology. But to tell the truth I did not specify my theme in the test. Only when I read a comment to my test, I understood it. I consider that it is a mistake. Because when my group mates answered questions, they did not know a theme of the test. And I am not sure about references, because   I have more references than others.  Generally my test was pleasant to all. In addition to that guys left good comments. But I understand that always it is possible to make better. For the next time when I make a test, I will consider all my mistakes.

This week was very saturated. I analyzed my work and I understood that it is a good experience on the future. 



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Using modern equipment

To tell the truth the sixth week was interesting. We ask me why? Because we used modern equipment in FLTL this week. It is a video. We were told that use of technologies very important at the lessons. Also using different videos it is very useful. Sometimes viewing of video is very effective than all the other. Generally children love watching different videos, especially fun videos. And if teacher must make a lesson is more interesting, that why not?

At the seminar our girls prepared a video fragment, also made different activities and handouts. Their lesson lasted for 15 minutes. It was a mini lesson. It was very interesting, fun and excellent!

The first video was about New York performed by Frank Sinatra. It is a famous song. I think this song transmits the atmosphere of New York. When I listen to this song, it seems to me that I am there.

The second video was Selena Gomez, video on the song A Year Without Rain. It is an excellent song too. I love Selena Gomez’s songs. Then we did differentactivities and handouts.


I hope that in my future practice I will use video materials. Surely it is fun. There is no doubt about it!

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Communicative Competence

The fifth week was unusual. Our theme was called Communicative Competence.At the lecture we discussed communicative competence of the teacher. Actually communication is also very important between teacher and student.At the seminar we played an interesting game. It was a family game. We took a card and had to find the members of our group. Then we discussed our family problem. At the end we had to find the solution. And then report about the decision which we made to the rest of the class. For the first time I played in a similar game. I liked it very much. Such game means communication between students. I think a role-playing game helps to improve speech. Surely teacher must develop student’s speaking skills. And such games help us with it. I think we must develop our speech constantly. It is necessary to develop own English to reach high knowledge. To tell the truth it is an everyday work.Therefore it is always necessary to try.

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A Course Paper

The fourth week was interesting. Because we learnt a lot of information about a course paper. To tell the truth I did not about a course paper nothing. Actually I am afraid write such a serious work. I think it is difficult. Because each of us must carry out a research work. As for me I have never done such work. I worry about it. I do not how I do it. It so awfully to understand  that you are not ready. But I trust that I will cope. I think it is an important work during education. I suppose that a research work can be very interesting. Of course if you do it consciously. I suggest it is essential for such work. Because it is necessary to approach such work very seriously. It is important to understand that you want to achieve.Such work is on the one hand it is terrible but on the other hand very interesting.I want that everything turned out! 

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Language acquisition

Everything takes longer than you think.

 Murphy's law


The third week ended. I learned a lot of new interesting things. By the way I learned that Kazakhstani Methodologists in 2006 stated the intercultural development of a student’s personality. Also we learned that language is the basic human means of expansion in space and time. To tell the truth it never crossed my mind such things. Because  I did not think of importance of language. In addition to that I did not think of influence of language on our mind. I suggest that when we learn foreign language we change the way of thinking. Because occurs Second Language Acquisition and Second Culture Acquisition. Under these acquisitions our thoughts become others. Influence of language on us is irreversible.I think it is a normal phenomenon. Because not only language influences on us, of course culture influences on us too. From my point of view culture changes our perception for language in general. Language change our consciousness, there is no doubt about it.


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The key to success

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

 Mark Twain

Iwant to start with this words. The third year of training changed my representation on teaching. We had the first lecture of Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching. It was very interesting. I learned that the object of Methodology is the process of foreign language teaching and learning. Also I found out that the subject of Methodology is constituted by the skills, structures are expected to acquire during language learning, and ways to help them build these skills effectively.

I understand that Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching will help us with preparation for practice at school. I think it is great, because we have no experience. To become a teacher it is necessary to know all subtleties of teaching. I think it is important for future teachers. We must possess information as future professionals. To tell the truth I want to be a skilled professional. Therefore I have to penetrate into all this. I think I can do it.


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Whatever is to be will be

Now I study on the 3rd course. And I have a new subject which is called Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching. This subject is very interesting, but so far I still know about it nothing. I am afraid that something will not be clear for me. Because I have problems with speaking, of course I have also other problems. Believe it or not but I worry that I will cannot teach to children. I think that teaching is difficult craft, especially for me. Because from my point of view     teaching is a noble profession. You know it is true, because it is a hard work. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate such profession.

I think we will face problems.Because everything is new to us. In this course we will write a term paper. And I am afraid of it. I have never done it. I consider it will be difficult. Most of all I am afraid for research work. Actually I do not know as it to do. Of course it is a problem. Nevertheless I believe that I will succeed. Because why then to study.

I agree with Marva Collins's words: «Success doesn't come to you…you go to it».


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