Joker held by police!!!

25-year-old John Kronau was arrested by the New York State Police after had frightened a bank cashier at Troy Savings Bank. Kronau handed the cashier a note that read, ’Don't be alarmed- this is a bank deposit — please take money out of envelope and put it into my account’. He later claimed that it had been an innocent joke and added that he had never been in trouble with the police before.

It seems at this guy not everything is all right with the head. Because to joke with such things very badly. Maybe he thought it was very funny. But he was absolutely wrong. Therefore, there is a question? Than he thought. Nobody knows why he did it.

It is impossible to speak about his true intentions. I don't even know of his true intention. But he did! Perhaps he wanted to risk it for the first time in his life. Or maybe he wanted to feel new emotions. Who knows?!

In this story will be dealt with the police. And we can only follow the news.

Good luck to everyone! And never fall into such the situation.




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