Whatever is to be will be

Now I study on the 3rd course. And I have a new subject which is called Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching. This subject is very interesting, but so far I still know about it nothing. I am afraid that something will not be clear for me. Because I have problems with speaking, of course I have also other problems. Believe it or not but I worry that I will cannot teach to children. I think that teaching is difficult craft, especially for me. Because from my point of view     teaching is a noble profession. You know it is true, because it is a hard work. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate such profession.

I think we will face problems.Because everything is new to us. In this course we will write a term paper. And I am afraid of it. I have never done it. I consider it will be difficult. Most of all I am afraid for research work. Actually I do not know as it to do. Of course it is a problem. Nevertheless I believe that I will succeed. Because why then to study.

I agree with Marva Collins's words: «Success doesn't come to you…you go to it».


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