Language acquisition

Everything takes longer than you think.

 Murphy's law


The third week ended. I learned a lot of new interesting things. By the way I learned that Kazakhstani Methodologists in 2006 stated the intercultural development of a student’s personality. Also we learned that language is the basic human means of expansion in space and time. To tell the truth it never crossed my mind such things. Because  I did not think of importance of language. In addition to that I did not think of influence of language on our mind. I suggest that when we learn foreign language we change the way of thinking. Because occurs Second Language Acquisition and Second Culture Acquisition. Under these acquisitions our thoughts become others. Influence of language on us is irreversible.I think it is a normal phenomenon. Because not only language influences on us, of course culture influences on us too. From my point of view culture changes our perception for language in general. Language change our consciousness, there is no doubt about it.


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